Control Systems

We construct bespoke control systems and control panels for a wide variety of applications and regularly integrate them into our installation work. We offer a complete one-stop solution from system concept through to 3D visualisations of individual components such as control panel lighting, interface type or switch type.

Swimming Pool, Sauna & Steamrooms

We are one of only several companies who specialise in the design, construction and installation of swimming pool, sauna, steam and wellness room control panels filtration control systems and underwater lighting. We can build control panels for a vast spectrum of applications and requirements and can supply both ready made off the shelf control panels and bespoke custom designed and built panels made to your exact requirements. Our services include:

  • Pool & Spa control panels both ready made and made to order.
  • Pool and spa interface panels for ease of control of specific functions – such as spa feature run times or lighting from a remote location.
  • A complete Sauna cabin controller range that is both modern in appearance and simple to operate.
  • Steam room interface panels for remote switching and energy saving applications.
  • Innovative control options such as remote and GSM SMS text control.
  • Feature Shower control systems.
  • Poolside switches and assemblies for switching of spa features custom made for your application.

We can also repair or modify your existing control panel please contact us for a quotation. Please visit our LED online shop, to view our complete range of control panels and products.


From smaller garden systems through to full commercial scale irrigation water control, we can provide a complete solution for your site. We can offer a complete water distribution and pipe work system installation service with incorporated electrical controls tailored to your exact requirements. We can provide controls for glasshouse air and ventilation through to irrigation pump house and motor speed control systems. We can also provide a remote system for water and ventilation control eliminating the need for costly and difficult wiring over vast distances (this is often the case on large sites).

This enables the control of a remote sites water and ventilation systems from several miles away. We also have GSM SMS text systems that can notify one or several mobile phone numbers of a power failure or pump trip, which if left un-notified, could cause expense, downtime and lost produce. We can incorporate the installation of three phase/single phase motor supplies into a complete control system tailored to your individual needs.

Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements.


Along with our horticultural and irrigation systems we can also provide a complete control solution for agricultural sites. These include process control for produce selection and packaging through to three-phase power distribution and variable speed drive systems for motors and conveyer systems. We are experienced in HAITH produce grading equipment and can provide spares for their standard OMRON control gear. We also incorporate the latest LED lighting solutions into our new Agricultural installations, as quality lighting is a must in a manned grading and selection line area's.

Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements.